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Celebrating art in this uncertain time. 



Through exploration into emotional atrocities, my work continues to create apprehension and psychological isolation, through a repetitive pull between rejection, failure and hope.


I strive to challenge the links between the physical and the intellectual through the building of installations to form ‘The Moment’ where juxtaposed ideas permeate to fill the empty spaces, in the solid world or within our imagination.


The childhood fears of whatever lives 'under the stairs' has grown like a virus into adulthood. Anxiety and paranoia strive to take over. 

Will you dare open the door?

Installation under stairs.jpg

Lizz Brady

Manchester, UK

Kirsty Harris

London, UK

A 1950s rotary telephone rings intermittently and when answered plays the audio piece Cold Call (How I Learned to Stop Worrying 1945-2019) The composition is a musical account of every officially recorded nuclear explosion. Each different instrument represents a country that partook. Each month in history lasts a second in time. Each note played depicts a single detonation. The piece passes through periods of relative calm building up through chaotic peaks of activity and back down again.

Simon Myers

Manchester, UK

Reality Under Siege


The outside world has taken on the hue of the virus.

An image of Mancunia seen when you're entering from the north of the city. The first thing I see when I transition from the suburbs to the Metropolis. It's been spliced with electron microscope images of covid19, to give the feel of feeling that everything is infected - (and you are too), whether it is or isn't (and you also). A certain aspect of the mental health experience has been generalised. I called it 'reality under siege' because it was the title of a Sandy Skogland installation/retrospective - which captures how I feel right now....also the affect/technique owes a lot to Skoglund. Also both Skoglunds art and this capture something of 'Cyberblitz'....(also see that fucking Dettol advert with the balloons) the media's coverage of a crisis is now part of our mental processing imprints and had become part of....and in some ways more real than what's in front of us!

Adam Zucker

New York, USA

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 17.18.56.png

Adam Zucker's work explores art's multidisciplinary benefits within the larger social, cultural, and environmental climate. Through an investigation of materials, actions, and themes around art, ecology, mental health, and education, Zucker addresses the ways that art is relevant to both individual and shared experiences.


Please Recycle this Bag - digital image from a performance/investigation into plastic pollution and our waterways, dimensions variable. 2016-present.

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Sam Whyte

Manchester, UK

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 18.10.36.png

We're living through a plague. A plague that has awakened the affluent middle classes to the precariousness of existence under austerity. For a decade this has ravaged the poorest in society, but only now do they ask "where is the welfare state?".


Peter Sutton

Cambridge, UK

Breach - acrylic on cotton duck

I don’t set out to describe anything but it's inevitable.

Robert Good

Cambridge, UK

Robert Good wrestles with words to consider the frailties of language and the problems of knowledge, squeezing out texts like tubes of paint to explore their underlying rhythms, characteristics and points of failure. His work often focusses on the migration of text from the printed page to the internet.


Respirator one of a series of animated texts that seeks to expand verbal content through visual means. (5).gif

A selection of event posters for independent music nights with a social justice element.

Lisa Lorenz

Manchester, UK