A life protected as if by magic. 
A life usually unaffected by dangers and difficulties.

Exhibition III came about six months ago when I was pondering whether or not to curate another exhibition in this space. 
COVID was seemingly getting 'better' - society was opening up more and more and galleries were finally being visited. 

I have known Short Supply for around a year now, and I am constantly impressed with their dedication to creating platforms for emerging artists. 
When I approached them to enquire whether they would curate the next exhibition here on Transmission, I was thrilled that they said YES! 

As a queer, disabled, working class artist myself, Exhibition III is of serious interest to me. It is hugely important to champion these artists working on fascinating projects, and responding to themes that (in the past) have made me ashamed. My identity. Queerness, mental illness and lack of financial stability...now explored through art. Wonderful.

- Lizz Brady