This exhibition explores queer culture and mental health as a means to express diverse cultural identities, which have been historically marginalised by societal pressures such as alienation, stigma, and ableism. The works encompass photography, video, installation, digital collage, sound sculpture, and performance; each expressing the human condition through personal and collective experiences around sex, gender, race, politics, and physical and mental health.

Utilising art’s ability to affect us on social, emotional and cognitive levels, this grouping of artworks seeks to raise awareness, build empathy, and spur communication about the ways we portray, reflect, and place value upon ourselves and others in various intersectional communities.

- Lizz Brady

C'est La Vie - Leon Clowes
00:00 / 02:48
Days of future past - Leon Clowes
00:00 / 01:56
Voices in my head - Leon Clowes
00:00 / 02:04

Luke Beech will perform the online space, rather than perform for the online space.

Using multimedia techniques alongside his shifting moods and tastes, Luke will work to interpret, expand upon and hold dialogues with the various responses submitted to the open call. For instance this could be through the recreation, reimagination and translation of pieces into alternative media such as live performance, or by taking visual or thematic cues as starting points to then develop into new works.


Through this process, Luke intends to become an avatar navigating the curated space - somewhat an echo of the art student trope, scribbling dodgy drawings of Henry Moore sculptures into their sketchbooks from around the gallery space. This way of working will be referencing a legacy of Artists and Educators whose work shortens the gap between the two professions, bringing it  forward into an increasingly online world.